Indonesian Society for the Study of Obesity

The Mission

  1. Generate interest to conduct studies on various aspects of obesity at Indonesia, including causes, manifestations, treatment and prevention.
  2. Establish an independent organization with vary of disciplines and health care profession, covering basic science and clinical practices.
  3. Develop research on various aspects of prevention and treatment of obesity and actively provide input to the government and community.
  4. Improve knowledge and understanding of obesity to community

The Council (current) - 2017

President : Dr Dante SaksonoHarbuwono, MD., PhD
Vice President : Gaga Irawan Nugraha, MD., MS., PhD
Secretary : Dr. Dwi YuniatiDaulay
AOASO Treasurer : Dr Gaga IrawanNugraha
Immediate Past President : Aris Wibudi, MD., PhD

Council Members:

Chairman of Scientific Board: Dr. Dewi Muliaty, Msi.
Chairman of Education: Rachmat Wisnu, MD., Sport Medicine Specialist
Chairman of Organization: Dr. Masrul, MD, MSc.

Society / Association Secretariat

Metabolic Syndrome Division, RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo
Jl. P Diponegoro 71—Jakarta

Phone: +62213145256, 314 5296, 390 7703, 3100 075
Fax : +622131902310, 3928658
Association Website: Under construction