Korean Society for the Study of Obesity

The Mission

  1. Encourage of study and scientific research about obesity
  2. Contribution to development of health, science, and medicine
  3. Promote of friendship and academic exchange among the members

Office Bearers

President, Board of Directors KSSO : Prof. Chang Beom Lee
(Email: lekang@hanyang.ac.kr)
Chairman : Prof. Kijin Kim
(Email: kjk744@kmu.ac.kr )
Director, International Affairs KSSO : Prof. Yang Im Hur
(Email: yangimhur@gmail.com)
KSSO Secretariat : Eunah Lee
(Email: webmaster@kosso.or.kr)


Call for papers to the Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome (JOMES)

The Journal of Obesity & Metabolic Syndrome (JOMES) is an official, peer-reviewed research journal published by the Korean Society for the Study of Obesity (KSSO). The journal publishes articles covering all aspects of obesity; epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, treatment, and the prevention of obesity.

All articles in this journal are included in the index of PubMed, PubMed Central, Scopus, DOAJ, Ebsco, Science Central, Crossref, Google Scholar, and Emerging Sources of Scientific Citation Index (ESCI). What’s more is that JOMES will be indexed in SCI this year.